May 17, 2023

About diamond mines

By camille vizzavona
About diamond mines
The diamond mining process is extremely harmful to our planet.
On average, for every one carat that is mined from the ground, up to 250 tons of earth are removed, 127 gallons of fresh water are used, billions of gallons of water are contaminated with acid mine runoff, 143 pounds of air pollution are emitted, and countless gallons of fossil fuels are consumed.
The removal of large areas of land necessary for diamond mining operations can result in soil erosion and degradation, as the topsoil is removed and the land becomes barren. The soil may not be able to support plants, leading to desertification and the loss of habitat for wildlife. 
The diamond mining process also harms vegetation in the surrounding area, as it involves the clear-cutting of trees and other plants. This can result in habitat loss for animals that depend on these plants for sustenance and shelter.
Diamond mining also contributes to air and water pollution through the use of heavy machinery and explosives.