May 18, 2023


By camille vizzavona

French jewelry craftsmanship encompasses a range of distinctive techniques that contribute to its unparalleled reputation. One such technique is the art of enameling, which involves fusing powdered glass onto metal surfaces to create vibrant and intricate designs. The French are renowned for their mastery of this delicate craft, with brands like Lalique and Boucheron exemplifying its beauty.

Another renowned technique is the filigree, which involves shaping and intertwining fine metal wires to create intricate lace-like patterns. French artisans excel in this technique, producing breathtaking filigree designs.

Furthermore, the technique of "serti mystérieux" (mystery setting), pioneered by Van Cleef and Arpel, is highly valued in French jewelry. This method involves setting gemstones without any visible prongs or metalwork, creating an illusion of floating stones.

French jewelry craftsmanship also includes the delicate art of hand engraving, where intricate patterns and designs are meticulously carved onto metal surfaces. This technique adds a personalized touch and enhances the uniqueness of each piece.

Camille Eddera, our founder, graduated from the prestigious Jewelry School Of The Louvre in France (here pictured) where she trained under a renowned jeweler, Adalbert Smoliar, the head of Van Cleef and Arpels' Paris atelier. She started her career at Boucheron and Chopard.

Meticulously crafted in accordance with her professor’s teachings, her pieces showcase a blend of timeless tradition and artistic innovation.

Eddera is a testament to Camille's unwavering commitment to preserve the essence of French savoir-faire in the field of jewelry-making.