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GARNET CANDLE | January - Eddera
GARNET CANDLE | January - Eddera
GARNET CANDLE | January - Eddera
GARNET CANDLE | January - Eddera


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Woody aromas of fir balsam intertwined with pine needles and vetiver.

Burn time: 60 hours
240 G / 8.5 OZ Candle
Dimension: 3.5" tall, 3" wide 
Cotton wick - Wax: Soy Blend 

The Story of Garnet

Many moons ago, the native tribes of the Cayuga and Oneida used to make their winter quarters along Fish Creek and its frozen river.
One evening by the light of a blazing fire, the warrior Running Bear and a maiden from the neighboring tribe, Garnet Eyes, fell deeply in love.
Alas, the night before their wedding, the maid with eyes of fire fell into the river and was swept away by the current. Running Bear’s tears turned into scintillating red crystals, the color of garnet stone, symbol of their eternal love.
With its robe of purple, garnet sheathes us in courage. It fills us with energy and fans the flames of passion.

Burning Tips

Light your candle 2 hours the first time, you will get an even burn.
To preserve the fragrance, do not burn your candle for more than 3 hours at a time.
Before each burn trim the wick to less than 1/4 of an inch, you will avoid any black smoke and residue on the glass.
Always remove wick debris and keep burning the wick in the middle of the container.
If the wick requires centering, gently readjust it to the center when the candle is unlit and the wax is still molten, allow the candle to solidify before relighting.
Burn on a flat, stable fireproof surface.

GARNET CANDLE | January - Eddera
GARNET CANDLE | January - Eddera


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